Living in a conservation area, we take our obligation to preserve our environment and surroundings seriously.

We are constantly looking for ways to limit our carbon footprint and have so far introduced such measures as:

Rainwater tank to recycle water to the garden

Waste recycling and composting

Use of local produce and suppliers where possible

Growing some of our own fruit and veg (though we are not quite a match for Tom and Barbara yet!)

Annual tree planting programme

Vegetation – you will see that we adopt the ‘natural’ look for the gardens. A manicured lawn and perfectly tilled flower beds just wouldn’t look right here in our opinion. This view does not stem from laziness (honest!) but out of recognition that we are a part of the landscape, not apart. As such, we have to share it with all the other creatures – such as our two badgers, family of foxes, rabbits, deer and moles.  So if we have missed the odd nettle and weed, sorry but that just means we get more bees and butterflies.

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